About Nightfall
In 1998, David Nakamura Hulton and Binyamin Chaim Greenberg decided to create a revolution in the computer security world. Sensing the disparency of words to action within the major companies at the time, they went ahead and formed Nightfall Security Group Internetwork Technologies. Dedicated to the concepts of quality work and customers matter, they created a company that has created and implemented numerous advancements in the industry. From the first Perl based network sniffer to clear and definitive whitepapers on how to secure your network, NFSG has been in the trenches fighting to make companies and corporations more secure from intruders.

As time went on NFSG slowly expanded from a two-person firm into a team of programmers and security specialists. In 2000 NFSG debuted it’s new service, The Intelligence Network, providing real-time Open Source Intelligence to anyone in the world. At the same time, the firm created The SUID Network, an online encrypted communications network which now has over 200 people from all over the world actively using and working on it’s development. In 1999 NFSG founded the San Diego BSD User Group, because there was a lack of a BSD community in San Diego. In 1999 Nightfall Security Group created the annual ToorCon Computer Security Expo, a computer security convention which is now in planning phases for it’s third running year. In 2000 ToorCon brought in over 200 people from as far away as Italy and Norway and speakers from such places as the FBI National Infrastructure Protection Center and CTO and founder of Network Security Wizards.

The members of NFSG are active participants in the high-tech community of their home town San Diego, CA. Regular participants for over three years of the San Diego Regional Information Watch, a monthly meeting bringing together law enforcement and system administrators to work on solving the issues of the day. Founding participants of the San Diego 2600 Meeting, which helps young people turn from the life of computer crime to legitimately helping the computer industry. David and Binyamin have been interviewed by such organizations as The San Diego Union Tribune, ABC, NBC, KUSI, CBS, American Network Magazine and other local and national news companies. David and Binyamin are regular contributors to high-tech stories for NBC San Diego and consulted on the current issues frequently.

In October of 2000 NFSG changed it’s look and it’s name. Nightfall Security Group Internetwork Technologies became Nightfall Security Solutions, LLC. As the company grew it realized that it was time for an outfitting of the company. NSS formed into a Limited Liability Company and restructured it’s internal positions. Nightfall Security Solutions may have changed it’s name but at heart it is the same company with the same principles, prepared for a growing and bright future.


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