AT&T Uverse Review For NightFall Security Subscribers

What Is AT&T Uverse And How Can It Benefit Me?

If you are a NightFall Security user you will have seen my emails regarding the need for fast internet as part of your online security so below is our write up on how AT&T can benefit you.

The latest trend for telecommunications companies is to bundle their most popular services together in one package to make it easier for customers to get everything they want at a discounted price.  The trend started in the late 2000s and has continued to present day.  AT&T’s bundle service is called U-Verse and features digital landline phone service, digital television service, and high-speed broadband internet service.  U-Verse has proven to be a very popular service because of the wide range of features and discount coupon codes available that allow customers to save money on the services they use on an everyday basis.

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U-Verse Basics

U-Verse, as previously mentioned is AT&T’s bundled service that combines their digital landline phone service, digital high-definition television service and their high-speed fiber-optic broadband internet service.  Because most people who purchase an internet service also want television service as well, AT&T has decided to create a bundled plan that allows consumers to purchase internet, phone and television in the same package to save money.  The rise of cell phone use has severely cut into most telecommunication company’s sales of their landline services, which is why it is typically included in a bundled service.  Even if you don’t plan on using the landline service it’s generally cheaper to have in included in a bundle such as U-Verse as you receive major discounts when it’s bundled together.

U-Verse Services

Digital landline phone, digital high definition television, and high-speed broadband internet service are the three services included in the U-Verse service plan.  Below is a general outline of the details and specifications associated with the bundled plan.

  • Digital landline phone – U-Verse gives you state-of-the-art digital telephone service which goes far beyond your typical landline service.  You receive caller ID, visual voicemail and web-based call management which all can be integrated into your television service as well.  With U-Verse, you can automatically see who’s calling simply by looking at your television.  You can track your call records online and see where calls were made to and where they were received from.
  • High-speed internet – The internet service provided in the U-Verse service plan is very good and is comparable to other internet services provided by other telecommunications companies.  You get speeds up to 24 megabits/second download and numerous Wi-Fi hotspots for use around the home and community.  With this service you can easily listen to music, check your email and watch streaming video from a variety of devices from anywhere in your home, or anywhere an AT&T Wi-Fi hotspot is available.
  • U-Verse TV – You receive a DVR (digital video recorder) along with your U-Verse subscription plan that allows you to record up to four television shows at once, ensuring you never miss a moment of your favorite TV shows.  The digital TV service can be had for as low as $19.99 per month when you bundle with the qualifying U-Verse high-speed internet service.

When purchasing the U-Verse subscription you have two basic options – you can choose to bundle U-Verse TV with the internet plan, or you can bundle U-Verse TV, internet and phone service to get all three in one easy to manage bundled plan.

U-Verse Prices

The low prices of this bundled service is what makes it so popular among consumers.  When you bundle U-Verse TV + internet + phone service you can get a low price of $89 per month assuming you sign a contract valid for two years.  Your price will not change during the course of your contract and your services will stay the same for the entire duration as well.  If you choose to bundle only U-Verse TV and internet you can have them both for only $59 per month when you sign a 12-month contract.  Your prices and terms will remain constant throughout the 12-month contract and won’t change until the contract expires.

U-Verse Fiber Optic Technology

AT&T makes use of their extensive fiber-optic network they have laid in the United States and in other parts of the world.  Fiber optic is the best method of transferring data at high speeds which allows for screaming fast internet connections, crystal clear digital television signal and digital voice phone service.  Fiber optic television service is known in the technology community to be much faster than either satellite or cable TV, making it one of the fastest services around. Get all the pros and cons of it at this AT&T Internet Review from MyDealsClub which provides in-depth analysis of AT&T Internet for the average person to understand.


The user of fiber optic technology and a DVR allows you to record a wide variety of television programming.  You are able to record up to 4 shows at the same time using the same receiver and television set, assuring you won’t miss a single second of your favorite shows and programs.  The internet is much faster and more reliable because it uses fiber optic technology.  You receive download speeds in excess of 24 megabits/second which allows for streaming of high-definition video on any internet connected device in your home.  AT&T’s numerous Wi-Fi hotspots can also be used when you’re on the go so you always stay connected.

U-Verse Coupon Codes

One of the most interesting features related to the U-Verse service are the numerous ATT Uverse coupon codes available when you signup for the U-Verse service.  Some of these codes can be obtained from the official AT&T website, but the vast majority of them are located on third-party websites who are compensated by AT&T for signing up new members to the service.  When shopping for discount codes on third party websites it’s important to ensure the codes you receive or purchase are up-to-date and valid.  Some websites attempt to defraud customers by offering to sell invalid or expired coupon codes, which won’t allow you to save money or get a discount.

Using these codes is very easy and only takes a few seconds of your time.  If you’re paying online you simply input your discount codes and if they are valid, your bill will automatically be reduced or you will receive a credit on your account that is valid and useful for the next billing cycle.


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