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Nightfall Security Solutions’ members are some of the top computer security and high-tech professionals in the field. Nightfall also believes in having members in the company deal directly with clients for public relations, so please feel free to email them individually or go to the Contact Info page for general contact information.

Members and Managerial Staff

David Nakamura Hulton
Technology Manager, President, Chief Executive Officer, and Chairman of the Board
Mr. Hulton has worked as a technology consultant for many different businesses and during 1999 as a software developer for Hughes Network Systems where he developed web based information distribution tools that increased productivity. Shortly after working for Hughes Network Systems, he joined Warp-1 Corporation as the Head of Development and Network Operations where he helped it through it’s initial funding stages. He is also proficient in over half a dozen programming languages including C, C++, Php, Perl, Tcl/Tk, Python and many other macro, scripting, and markup languages. So far, throughout Mr. Hulton’s career he has helped found over half a dozen successful organizations, 4 different companies and has been consulted by numerous news organizations on computer security related issues.
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Tim Minh Huynh
Operations Manager, Vice President, Treasurer, and Chief Operations Officer
Mr. Huynh has an extensive background with leadership in and outside of the technology industry. Most recently and notably he was the General Manager and Head of Web Development at Tsunamic Systems, a San Diego Web Development and Hosting provider, where he managed a wide range of accounts and was responsible for general business operations. Additionally, a lot of his leadership capabilities stem from his education at the US Air Force Academy and the time he served in the US Air Force where he was a 3rd Class Cadet and was responsible for the military training of 31 4th Class Cadets. He also gained a lot of his technology experience from working at as a general Web and Technology Administrator where he maintained the company’s website along with it’s hardware and software systems and was involved in much of the company’s planning, goal targeting, and web marketing. So far, throughout Mr. Huynh’s career he has helped found 3 different companies and has contributed his skills to many different technology businesses.
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Advisory Committee

Brooks Jason Isoldi
Mr. Isoldi founded a web development company called Webcoders in 1998, which grew to serve many businesses all throughout the US. He is also a leader in the Open Source Intelligence front and one of the founders and major contributors to The Intelligence Network, a project of Nightfall Security Solutions. In addition to his intelligence skills he is also a skilled programmer in C, C++, Java, Php and other various macro and markup languages.
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Ronald Lewis Rosson Jr.
Mr. Rosson has over 15 years of practical experience as a System/Network Administrator. He is currently the head Unix System/Network Administrator at a San Diego Internet Service Provider where he is in charge of the company’s servers. He has also held positions as a second level customer support engineer and trainer of new employees. He has also served 10 years in the United States Navy as an Electrician’s Mate. His responsibilities included maintaining various 450V 3Phrase equipment. Mr. Rosson is also the co-founder of the San Diego BSD Users Group (SDBUG), the largest BSD User Group in San Diego.

Joseph Andrew Kitzman
Mr. Kitzman has spent most of his career as an IT consultant for many different companies in the San Diego area. One of his recent endeavours is being the security administrator for the inner revolution internet bbs where he maintains the security for shell accounts as well as over 4 dozen websites. He is also one of the driving forces behind the KVL project and specializes in NT and Novell auditing.

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