The mission of Nightfall Security Solutions is to provide to businesses across the United States reliable, efficient and complete network auditing software and scalable system administration for corporate networks.

Why is Computer Security Important?
According to the latest statistics from a well known wireless network security website, there are well over 8,000 documented wireless access points all throughout the US. Futhermore, well over 70% of them don’t use any type of encryption or authentication. That’s over 5,500 businesses and homes that anyone with a basic knowledge and set of tools can readily access and monitor, not to mention the other 2,500 that any seasoned security specialist or experienced cracker could trivially break into.

“Why not just let anyone walk into your building, connect to your network, and steal all your data?”

Nightfall Security Solutions specializes in utilizing cutting edge technologies to secure these wireless systems, the machines and software behind them, and the assets they protect.

In the new world, reputation is everything. So who is going to make sure your reputation remains solid? Nightfall Security Solutions, founded in 1998 by leading experts in the fields of networking, wireless security, and secure software and hardware development, will insure your continued reputation. We accomplish this by providing in-depth network audits and utilizing the time tested method of reverse engineering; we analyze every piece of software, every byte of data going in and out of your network and every piece of networkable hardware within your corporation. We dedicate ourselves to provide the best security evalution possible.

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