Maintenance Services

Maintenance Services


Penetration tests and security audits are extremely effective in securing a company, but how do you make sure the company remains secure over time? NSS provides 2 maintenance services to handle the detection of known vulnerabilities as well as unknown. NSS believes that the key to security over time is:

“A secure network to prevent known attacks and a monitored network to prevent unknown attacks.” Get all the top deals for Norton or Kaspersky Anti Virus 

Follow Up Service
NSS can schedule follow up audits and penetration tests depending on how dynamic the business’s environment is. Most follow up audits are scheduled for every quarter, half-year, or annually. Follow up assessments mainly consist of first reanalyzing the network to see if there are any major changes to the infrastructure and layout, updating all of the systems to their newest patches, examining the impact of any new systems or mechanisms, and optionally providing a penetration test to determine if there are any new external vulnerabilities.

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IDS Service
To decrease the odds of security intrusion, NSS provides an intrusion detection service just in case an attacker tries to break into a client’s network using a vulnerability that isn’t already publicly known. The basic concept of an IDS is that it is a piece of hardware/software on the network that detects intrusion attempts and notifies someone of possible break-ins. If desired, NSS will implement an IDS on the company’s network and manage it so that if there is ever an intrusion attempt that gets through, NSS will know about it immediately, and act upon it immediately.

NSS’s IDS service will help prevent many various security intrusion attempts, such as:

The Exploitation of Vulnerabilities that aren’t Publicly Known
Unauthorized Login Attempts
Denial of Service (DoS) Attacks

NSS additionally provides a Wireless Intrusion Detection service unlike any other, that provides full detection of any possible wireless intruders, mal-configured nodes or access points, and prevents possible WEP cracking situations by both internal and external influences.


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