Mission Statement

Nightfall was built on the following ideals and has set it’s path to achieve the goals defined in paragraphs below.

Our Goals
Nightfall is a San Diego, California based computer security firm. They strive to provide their customers with complete satisfaction for the services they offer. It is the goal of Nightfall Security Solutions to provide the best network auditing in the computer security field.

Nightfall creates products that not only work with stability, but outperform and indeed over achieve their basic specifications. Since the inception of Nightfall in 1998, their name has become synonomyous with the ideals that they have committed to theirselves to: creativity, ingenuity and the striving for perfection. They make this promise to our current and future customers:

“We will continue on the path we have set, in the path of integrity, of ethical business practices and of the quest for excellence in everything that we set out to do.”

Our Values
Nightfall dedicates themselves to the following principles of conduct:
Keep integrity in our work, in our mind and in our thoughts.
Always to be the first to take initiative when called for.
To never forget who we serve and why we serve them.
Always to be accountable for any mistakes we might make.
Make innovation the bread and butter of our products.
Develop partnerships with our business community.
To never let profit be at the expense of others.

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