Penetration Testing

Penetration Testing

NSS understands that to know your enemies’ methods is the only way to ensure complete network security. NSS provides full penetration testing services for all ranges of companies to test the security measures in place through the reverse engineering process.

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All penetration tests take place in a controlled environment and under NDA so no found information is leaked at any time or retained following the term of the contract.

$1k Challenge
For no upfront obligations, NSS will perform a preliminary penetration test on your network. The preliminary test will cover all external points of access and limited internal threats. If NSS is able to compromise at least $10k worth of intellectual property then you will only owe them $1k. Otherwise, you pay them nothing. All copies of data NSS collects for the $1k challenge will not be retained after the term of the contract. Confidentiality is of the utmost concern and an NDA is a required step for the $1k challenge and all penetration tests.

For every company that has ever wanted to gain a third-party analysis of their information security, with no obligations and no upfront costs, the $1k challenge is designed for you.

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One of the most common services NSS will provide is an external penetration test of a business’s security. This involves attempting to break into the company by overriding external access controls and gaining access to intellectual property, either tangible or electronic. By providing a full assessment of a company’s security infrastructure, both physical and network, NSS can evaluate the company’s security as a whole and determine any weaknesses in the chain.

This service helps protect against:

Malicious Hackers/Crackers
Corporate Spies

If a client decides that they want an internal penetration test, NSS will place specialists as an employee in the company and attempt to override the employee access controls to determine if that business is vulnerable to intrusions by disgruntled employees or employed corporate spies.

Services provided through an internal penetration test include testing:

Employee Access Controls
Authentication Mechanisms
Network Vulnerabilities and Trust Mechanisms

This service is usually provided if there’s a high risk of employee tampering or a large amount of intellectual property that needs to be protected.


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