Set Up Guide For The NordVPN iOS App

How To Set Up NordVPN iOS App

NordVPN custom software may be downloaded directly from Apple iTunes. The iPhone app will be covered in our guide. There is also an iPad version of the app that works well. For those individuals who would rather manually configure their own devices with L2TP/IPsec, OpenVPN or PPTP, there are setup guides available on the Nord VPN website.Image result for How To Set Up NordVPN iOS App

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The first step in this process is to go to Apple iTunes and find the NordVPN app page. Here you can download the app and install the iOs version on your iPad or iPhone. This app works on iOS 8.3 or higher. When the app is successfully installed, launch it and submit your NordVPN credentials. The first screen should look like the one displayed below on the left. You will create an account, if you don’t have one, and then sign in. Once signed in, a second screen will appear and you will enter your email or username and your password.

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Sign In For NordVPN iOS App

When you’ve correctly entered your credentials and successfully signed in, a screen similar to the last one shown above will appear. This screen will display the server map as shown below on the left. If you tap on the “Quick Connect” button on this screen, you will be connected to the country’s fastest server, wherever you are. For the United States, this is the connection displayed in the second image below.

Quick Connect For The NordVPN App And Selecting The Right Country’s Server

When you select the “Countries” button located on the bottom right of the screen, you will see all of the countries where you most recently connected. After this, a list of all the countries in the NordVPN network will display in alphabetical order. This screen will be similar to the last image displayed above. To connect to a VPN server, simply click the connection icon next to the country you choose. This will immediately connect you to the NordVPN server in that country.

Servers For The NordVPN iOS App

When you click on a country connection icon, you will be connected to the best servers available at that time. You will also see an Anti-DDoS server list where you can manually choose a server by clicking on the heart symbol that has a gray circle beside it. This turns the gray circle red and indicates you are connected to that server. You can change servers or connect to a new server by clicking the icon next to the server name.

When iPhone and iPad users want to connect their device to a NordVPN server, the NordVPN iOS app makes it simple and quick. It only takes a few quick clicks and you are connected to the server of your choice. When the server screen opens, simply choose a country location or a server name and hit the connect icon. If you want to connect to the fastest server available at the time, then hit the “Quick Connect” icon. The NordVPN iOS app makes connecting to a fast server as easy as possible. When you need to quickly connect to a server, you can do it anywhere in the world with this app.

This new NordVPN iOS app automatically defaults to IKEv2. IKEv2 provides great support to MOBIKE which makes this app a great choice for any multi-homed device. Multi-level security is also supported by the NordVPN app. The app has been tested with all of the latest security algorithms and works with them all.


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